The Silent Master
By Dr. Tae Yun Kim


Page 21

One of the goals of self-discovery is to be able to enjoy this natural energy of Love and share it with everyone. Yet why do we often feel such a lack of energy if we are indeed one with the Life Force of the universe? The answer is that our own negative thoughts, attitudes, and emotions act like filters that keep this mighty river of energy down to a trickling stream. One purpose of the Jung SuWon training is to purify these filters – to purify your thinking and feeling – so that energy flows more freely and powerfully.

For example, one of the black-belt instructors in my Jung SuWon school told me how his teaching changed when he began to approach it with this natural Love. Before he began to feel his spiritual energy increasing, his teaching consisted of making sure the students did every move correctly or learned at the proper rate. This is part of being a good teacher, of course. But when he began to feel more of the natural Love within him, his teaching went beyond physical instruction. He listened and responded with more awareness and sensitivity to everyone’s special needs and unique feelings. He not only desired to see the students learn the correct moves, but he desired to help them defeat their weaknesses and shine with self-confidence and self esteem. He cared about every step of their growth with as much enthusiasm as he cared about his own growth. 

That is how Love energizes you. It gives you inner joy, enthusiasm, and awareness that helps you carry out the work of meeting your goals.   

Would you be surprised to know that you may be wasting your energy, spending it on things that undermine and sabotage your goals and desires? You may have habits that regularly weaken the quality of your energy. Your energy is a creative tool! It must not be wasted. 

In my Silent Master book, in NorthStar, learn how to get your energy under control by purifying it, increasing it, and directing it toward goals and activities that promote your growth.

Have a Great Day!

With love, from my heart to yours,
Dr. Tae Yun Kim

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