Seven Steps to Inner Power
By Dr. Tae Yun Kim

Three Tools of a Jung SuWon Warrior

Page 45

You become a warrior in Jung SuWon as soon as you begin practicing the preceding five principles of mental conduct.  They will prepare you to use the seven basic principles of inner power – the keys to creative thinking – which appear in the next chapter.

For now, just as a traditional warrior carries tools or weapons appropriate to his profession, here are three tools that will accompany you throughout your entire practice of Jung SuWon.

Balance – Awareness – Visualization

The knowledge of balance will be the armor you wear so you can travel fearlessly through any experience life brings to you.  Awareness will be the shield you use to deflect that which you do not need or want.  Visualization will be the sword you use to cut through worn outmoded, or negative forms to make room for the new.

Here in my Seven Steps to Inner Power book, arm yourself with these three tools – learn how to Balance your real self through polarity in yin and yang qualities.  Learn how to sharpen your Awareness through the voice of your silent master, your inner intuition. Learn the powerful tool of Visualization of turning ideas into material form.

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Dr. Tae Yun Kim

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